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Thomas Foster -
Director of New Business Development

Thomas Foster is Managing Partner of W&F Petroleum LLC (“WFP”), and Director of New Business Development responsible for providing Bulk Petroleum Opportunities Domestic and International. WFP has been facilitating Petroleum transactions between Major Buyers and Sellers for over ten (10) years, and have established relationships with Oil Refineries, Government Agencies that are Domestic and International, Petroleum Resellers, and various Port Authorities and Airlines, just to name a few. Mr. Foster has over forty (40) years’ experience in Mainframe Performance Analytics as an IBM Computer Engineer, and several years of experience owning and managing several minority Small Businesses. He offers the necessary skill set required to assist 81 Logistics Group analyze bulk fuel transactions, pricing models and forecasting as it pertains to global Platt data, and assist in bid research for Private and Government institutions. As Managing Partner of WFP, Mr. Foster will analyze bulk fuel operating procedures in order to recommend secure and profitable options that will ensure 81 Logistics Group the best opportunities as a major player in the Bulk Petroleum Commodities sales.

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